Can We?

this is, one of my poem relate to coffee, hope you’ll enjoy to read, happy reading 🙂

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 Genre: equality, diversity, life, society, hope, friendship, coffee.

Can We?

By : diankp

Why coffee has different taste?
Because they grown in different place,
Grow in different soil, air temperature, drainage, et cetera
That’s why, we will get the different in taste.

Just like humans, just like us,
We are born and grow up with different belief, parents, friends,
We have a different situation and condition.

And we never choose the choises,
The choices that would make us different,
We will never be the same.

That’s why we can’t compare about taste of coffee,
We can’t compare about our friends,
Since born we are absolutely different,
Just coffee, just human, just people.


Why society wants everyone to be same as other,
Why society made everything worse,
Hard to breathe, hard to face it.

So many hates,
So many violence,
Can we just spread the love?

Just like fragrance…

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