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Unstilled Longing

Strong feeling,
Wanting something,
Desperately holding,
Both suffering,
Unstilled longing.



I’m Afraid

I'm afraid to tell you 
I'm afraid to love you 
I'm afraid to miss you 
I'm afraid to think about you
I'm afraid, will make you sad 
I'm afraid, will make you cry 
I'm afraid, will dissapoint you
I'm afraid, I can't promise anything
I'm afraid can't stop loving you 
I'm afraid of losing you
What must I do?

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Cuddle Weather

Cuddle weather
All I want is you, get much closer
The love I feel for you much stronger
hope someday we will be together


With You

With you,
we talk,
we walk
we laughed
We spent the night, morning together
but what to do?
we're miles away from each other


Good Morning Honey

I wish always wake up on your side,
watch your smile,
wipe that drool of your lip,
but I'm here,
you're there,
at least let me say
Good Morning honey!



My feeling for you are so strong,
I can't deny,
I want to fly,
confess to you,
that I love you,
Do you think it's wrong?